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Jon Morgan Shields
2023 / 6'3" / 225
 Ambidextrous Pitcher
Switch Hitter

Welcome to the official website of Baseball Player Jon Morgan Shields, Ambidextrous Pitcher

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Jon Morgan Shields, Ambidextrous Pitcher,

Switch Hitter

UPDATE: Well, I am now at Blinn which made the Juco college world series last year.  As a result of their success, they now have 29 pitchers this fall???!! What about me? I am eager to put my 92mph lefty fastball to work!  This summer/fall 2023, I have had breakthroughs, both in control and velo.  The most exciting is, on my left side, I regularly peak at 92mph off the mound in bullpens.  Moreover, I am getting pretty good control of my splitfinger which I have been throwing for years, even as a first pitch strike.  Sometimes to a fault and listening to advice from Performance Edge, the last 24 months, I have been focused on gaining velo, even sometimes at the expense of control.  I have also been less focused on batting. Now, I am at a point where I am proud to say, I have both control and velo! I about the point to when I pitched my perfect game my junior year. Watch out, because next comes my right side!  

I think the reason for my increase in velo is my weight training (I am now 225, 6' 3") and my discipline of focusing on consistent, higher velocity, now cruising 88-90 on the mound.  I stand by the notion that I know we are creatures of habit, and the more good habits I maintain, the better ball player I am going to be. Keep watch in the next few years as I make the pros.   

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