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Jon Morgan Shields
2023 / 6'3" / 195
 Ambidextrous Pitcher
Switch Hitter

Welcome to the official website of Baseball Player Jon Morgan Shields, Ambidextrous Pitcher

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Jon Morgan Shields, Ambidextrous Pitcher,

Switch Hitter

It's not just 10th Grade AP & Honors classes, Football, and Video Games

The world of baseball athletics isn’t an easy one. Along with school work and family, it’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparing. I began to form my work ethic at a young age, spending time outside school and on the weekends practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to compete at the top level as a great college and professional baseball player.  Don't get me wrong, I love to play BO4 and other cool video games, but I know we are all creatures of habit, and the more good habits I have, the better ball player I am going to be.

Ambidextrous Pitching is less work than ambidextrous (switch) hitting.  I can only do so much mirror work, switch pitching and do recovery work until my arms are done.  On the other hand, I can switch hit hours and hours.  Here is a Blog about switch pitchers.  

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Katy, TX, USA


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